Internal view of the inside of a chimney

Camera Inspections for Every Chimney

South East Kent Chimney Sweeps are equipped with the very latest technology, including CCTV cameras, which gives 100% accuracy in diagnosing any defects, taking the guesswork out of what may be causing problems internally with the chimney.

All chimney inspections come with a full report for your records or insurance company, along with a recording of the images, affording you total peace of mind.

Full Report Provided

Compact Safe Cameras

Peace of Mind

Neat & Tidy

Do I Need a Camera Chimney Inspection?

Through the years, chimneys can develop a range of problems and require visual inspection of the inside of the chimney structure so that a diagnosis can be made.

Camera Inspections are useful in the following:

  • > Where Flue doesn't function well or fails a smoke pressure test
  • > Checking a chimney after a fire to inspect the damage
  • > Checking chimneys in a property being sold or bought
  • > Chimney blockages that cannot be removed in sweeping
  • > Determining if you should have your chimney lined
  • > Reports for Landlords for ensuring tenant safety
  • > Inspections prior to loft conversion or building work
  • > Checking chimney for building works on a party wall
  • > Checking chimney repair work
  • > Determining size for Flue relining
  • > When reinstating an old flue

South East Kent Chimney Sweeps offer camera CCTV inspections for all types of properties, from domestic house flue inspections to commercial property surveys, and offer services to private home and business owners, as well as landlords, architects, builders and other contractors.

Bird nest Blockage

In the removal of bird nests, we can survey the chimney using a camera to ensure the entire nest has been cleared thoroughly.

Flue Obstructions

Cameras can be used to detect blockages from poor installations such as boiler flue pipes crossing through, etc.

Assessing Fire Damage

If you've had a chimney fire and need restoration, We can use cameras to assess the damage and plan for next steps in repairing your chimney.

Fallen Masonry

In older homes, the biggest cause of chimney damage is wear over time. We use cameras to find obstructions caused by fallen masonry.

Construction Blockages

We use CCTV surveys to find where renovations and extensions have damaged the chimney, i.e. chimney removals in second-floor flats, etc.

New Stove Installations

Camera inspections help identify flue sizing, seeing if the size of the flue will allow you to have the required size of liner.


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